Enrollment Requirements

Here you'll find all the documents to make sure we are able to take the best care of your dog.

Step 1. Please fill out the Daycare-Boarding-Grooming Application. This form is required before any pet can be admitted into the facility.

Step 2. Make sure you have your pet's shot records on hand, or the information required for our staff to obtain that information. For the health and safety of all our guest - NO PETS WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT PROOF OF CURRENT VACCINATIONS.

Step 3. Bring your pet in to see us!

If you would like your dog to stay for daycare please call us at 205-458-9364 to set up an appointment. You are welcome to go ahead and complete the Daycare-Boarding Grooming Application below and to bring it with you.

If you would like to bring your dog for grooming, please call us at 205-458-9364 to set up an appointment.

Daycare-Boarding-Grooming Application   

 The Daycare_Boarding-Grooming document includes our Facility Application along with a definition of "Temperment Testing", our "Client Agreement", and "Daycare Policies".

*Our facility is open at any time during normal business hours, to current guests...  you may visit your pet ANYTIME during normal business hour with no appointment.  We practice full transparency.  For those interested in enrolling their dog in Dog Days we ask that you schedule an appointment for a tour as the dogs have scheduled activities and the staff is busy at all times during the day.  We are proud of our facility but want to ensure the safety and security of our existing guest at the same time show the high quality of dog services we provide.  "it is ALL about the Dogs."